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Your Questions.. Tiffani's answers
We are looking for your most poignant and thought provoking questions. Each month Tiffani's staff will review the submitted questions and select 3 to 6 to be answered personally by Tiffani. Check back at the first of each month for a new set of questions and answers.
Q. Renee, Michigan
You have played a lot of different characters in your career. Which was the most challenging role for you to portray, and why?
A. One of the most challenging roles I have ever had was for the TV Movie, “A Killer Among Friends.” I was just nineteen years old and I played the role of a young California teenage girl who was murdered by three of her best friends. The movie was based on a true story. The scene in which I was beaten and then murdered was the hardest day I have ever had on a set. It was not only mentally challenging, but the physicality of the scene was quite severe. Because the scene was shot many times, the actors engaged in the assault time and time again. I was emotionally and physically drained afterwards. I was so exhausted that it was days before I fully recovered. I realized on a very small level what the victim must have felt at that moment upon realizing who her attackers were, trying to desperately fight for her life, yet ultimately realizing she could not save herself. Some months after production was completed on the movie, I had the honor of meeting the family of the girl I portrayed. We talked openly about the movie and I shared with them my experience during filming. My heart went out to them as I can’t begin to imagine the devastation and loss they felt, and still feel, everyday.

Q. Tina , Spain
Which moments would you say have been the best in your professional and private life?
(For example, those things you always remember with a smile...)
A. What a tough question! It’s similar to asking a parent which is their favorite child! Professionally, I consider each opportunity I’ve been given in film, television and the entertainment industry as a whole to be valuable and cherishable. I’ve learned something, meet someone, honed my craft and grown through each endeavor. Directing and producing the film, Just Pray, is reserved a special sentiment as I initiated that project and took the sole responsibility of redefining myself and the career I want to have. Regarding my life from a strictly personal level, I have been blessed with wonderful friends and family throughout my life. However, as I assumed the role of wife this year by marrying my husband Brady, I would venture to say he has garnered a “Best Moment” nomination at the very least!

Q. Unknown
My question for “Tiffani the woman” and not “Tiffani the actress.” I’m from the Middle East and sometimes find it hard to show my true colors and flourish, but I look at you and say, “Wow, this is a woman who knows what she wants and she is really making it happen for herself.”
For all women around the world, could you please point out what should we do to “make it.”

A. Thank you for the compliment. Female actors have a more difficult time finding work as they age. It becomes important to secure your future by expanding your opportunities. I’ve always tried to think proactively and plan for the future rather than finding myself in a situation of feeling, “What next?” Preparedness is obviously a key element along the journey to “making it.” However, “Making it” is a relative term as are the concepts such as success and happiness. I don’t think that a patented or standard formula for measuring any level of individual accomplishment is applicable, appropriate or realistic. The key word is individual. Every individual (woman or man) is unique. I believe that differentiation is both needed and necessary to secure one’s long term goals. And, you must be clear and set goals of what you personally want in life. Such preparedness will enable you to build the path or structure that can accommodate your wishes. Keep in mind that depending on one’s personal, social, financial, geographic or cultural parameters, even more unique challenges may be encountered. I wholeheartedly believe that desire, determination, a strong work ethic, some imagination and steadfast courage will help you venture along the path you yourself envision. Finally, I would remind everyone to be nice to others and to themselves. Everyone around you will serve some purpose in “making it.” A sense of humanity will make the journey far more memorable.

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